The history of ESSYS, a leading automotive electronics company.

History Of ESSYS

  • 2020
  • Saemangum, the Second Factory Construction began on May
    Hyundai Kefico developed and began mass production in VCU
    Mass Production in DCU & IBU
    C-ITS, Pilot Project in Ulsan and Gwangju
  • 2019
  • Successfully conducted 5G -C-V2X Integrated Applications Field Trial for the first time in the world
    Qulacomm-ESSYS C-V2X/5G Co-Development Announcement
    MOU with JIAT (Jeonbuk Automotive Convergence Research Institute)
    Establishment of DYESSYS Joint venture
    Establishment of ESSYSWENET Joint venture
    Mass production of integrated BCM (BCM+TPMS)
    Start sales of ADAS Products
  • 2018
  • Approved Engineering Consultant agreement with NXP semiconductor
    Co-chair of Private-Public Consultative Organization
    Pilot of small and Medium-sized ship safety system at coastal(S2X)
    Completed Development of ADAS (FCW,LDW)
    Start development of RADAR(LRR/SRR)
    Pilot of Highway C-ITS(Expressway, Gyeongbu Line, Jungbu Line)
  • 2017
  • Development of Electronic Toll Collection System for Chinese Market
    Advance Development of BLE based BMS for Mobis
    Dealership Agreement with On-Board Security
    Relocated office to Songdo (R&D center, Production Headquarters)
    Mass-production of BLDC Modules
    Indigenous Development V2X Communication stack
  • 2016
  • Mass production of eCall unit for Russian Market
  • 2015
  • mass production of BCM
    C-ITS pilot project (Daejeon → Sejong)
    Mass production of BT and Wi-Fi modules for D-Audio
    Mass production of low cost ETCS MAAT IV
  • 2014
  • BCM mass production
  • 2013
  • Mass Production of CUBIS-T
    Mass Production of I-Box
    Mass Production of Low Cost ETCS Unit
    Developed China ETCS
    Mass-production of BT Modules for D-Audio/GEN4.0 Audio
    Mass production of BT&WiFi modules for G4 AVN
  • 2011
  • Advance Development of China ETCS(Mobis Requirement)
    Started the Development of Low cost ETCS
    Completed development of BT2.1T (TOSHIBA BT)
    development of BT & Wi-Fi Modules
  • 2010
  • Strategic Alliance with Toshiba Corp. of Japan (BT Chip)
    Hyundai Mobis Authorized Factory and SQ Certification
  • 2009
  • Supply of DMB Module to Hyundai Autonet
    DMB Module Supply To Mobis (Benz Target)
    Development/Supply of ISDB-T Module to Mobis Japan
    Supply of ETCS Module to Mobis
    Development of ETCS Module for Navigation System
  • 2005
  • Establishment of ESSYS