ETCS (Electronic Toll Collection System)



  • RSU

  • 5.8GHz DSRC(Dedicated Short Range Communication) RF Physical Layer(Layer1), Data Ling Layer (Layer2), Service Application Layer (Layer 7) Technology
  • Antenna Technology for 5.8GHz DSRC RF
  • Technology meet with the Engineering Standard of Hyundai/Kia Motors
  • Technology meet with the required Standard of Korea Expressway Corporation Standard(TTAS.KO-06.0025, TTAS.KO-06.0052, TTAS.KO-06.0053)
  • Technology meet with the required Standard of China (GB/T 20851.x)
  • RSU for Lab Communication testing of Korean and China ETC OBU

About ETCS

Electronic toll collection system that charges tolls while driving without using a vehicle stop using wireless or infrared communication between a OBU installed in a vehicle and a RSU installed in a toll structure

Communication method: There are two methods of wireless communication method (RF, 5.8GHz) and infrared communication method.

  • The room mirror built-in ETC module that is mass-producing now uses RF (Korea Expressway Corporation brand : hipass)

  • ETCS (Electric Toll Collection System)

    A system that exchanges traffic information and charges between a RSU(Road Side Equipment) and a OBU (On Board Unit) based on a near-field wireless communication technology

  • OBU (On Board Unit)

    Wireless communication equipment that attaches to the bottom part of the windshield of the vehicle and exchanges various information with the tollgate antenna

Electronic card toll payment

  • Vehicles with ETC OBU enter the ETC toll booth
  • Information exchange by OBU and RSU RF / IR communication
  • Toll payment from electronic card

Checking the toll collection and handling the offending vehicle

  • Check toll payment contents
  • Comparison of vehicle type (Vehicle classification Detection system vs. ETC OBU classification)
  • Tolls and fines imposed after the rear license plate of the offending vehicle